Tuesday, December 7, 2010

baby guts - the kissing disease


i'm ipecac

you may have seen me in such places like [shiny grey monotone]...the mall food court...or in the bushes outside your window

when i was asked to contribute to this blog...at first i was all like "why are you poking me with that?"

but here i am

and for my first entry...i'm going to give you all mono (aka "the kissing disease")

the best way to describe this is: this is what would happen if PRETTY ON THE INSIDE/LIVE THROUGH THIS-era hole and nirvana were in the same band (which makes them sounds like L7)

and you know that you have more than enough room in your life for a song called "firetruck vagina"

so really...you don't need to know much more about this as all of that should make you want to snag this up

so just go on ahead and click on that DL down there (and yes...that is as dirty as it sounds as you now know that i put out on the first date)

DL: the kissing disease


Anonymous said...

Really Ipecac? Sometimes I wonder if we hear the same bands.To compare this to such tripe as Hole is unjust.Until White Lung came along this was the heaviest girl fronted band in ages.I still play this cd at least once a week.Great PUNK ROCK.

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