Friday, November 12, 2010

Dirty Talker

Dirty Talker is a 3 piece band out of Lincoln, NE.  
The band consists of: 
Adam 2000 on guitar & synth, Justin Kohmetscher on bass and vocals, and Brendan McGinn on drums.  

It's not easy to describe this band as it's a mix of the most interesting and intellectual lyrics, a touch of slowed math-rock, some almost funk rhythms. It's refreshing hell of a mix. I saw these guys play Oct. 16 2009 in Jefferson, SD, where we were putting on a show for Shiny Grey Monotone. I expected to hear a band called Dean Armband, instead the same guys decided to start a different kind of band and would be playing as Dirty Talker. With in the first 30 seconds of hearing their first song, which I don't recall what it was... I was tapping my feet and swaying like a moron to their lathery guitar, and rich plucky bass. I actually never really understood what they where singing about when I heard them live, though they put on a hell of a show. Afterwards, I got more songs of theirs and started to dissect my new found music.  I really dug them. I talked to them a bit at the show and talked to them through Facebook. I requested them to do a cover of one of my favorite songs... Mailman originally by The Jesus Lizard. I fell in love with them after they said yes. 

I realize this might not be for everyone and that the quality of these recordings are low budget at times but I think they're a well put together band that can hold my attention and I dig. My favs are: Mailman, Yea,can., and Stay Away. I know that those track names might not be right because I didn't get a song list.. but yea, good stuff.

You can check out their Facebook: Dirty Talker.


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Based on past recommendations, I'm willing to give 'em the old college try. Thankyew.

Odie said...

A very good start, I'll definitely be back.

xmln3x said...

Thanks. I totally love these guys... I mean come on they covered The Jesus Lizard for me....

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