Friday, January 14, 2011

v/a - tank girl - ost

are you a punk rock girl that digs sex and violence?

do you own a tank?

need a soundtrack made up of some of the 90's biggest and brightest?

1 - stomp - ripper soul
2 - bjork - army of me
3 - devo - girl u want
4 - the magnificent bastards - mockingbird girl
5 - L7 - shove
6 - hole - drown soda
7 - bush - bomb
8 - portishead - roads
9 - joan jett & paul westerberg - let's do it,let's fall in love*
10 - belly - thief
11 - veruca salt - aurora
12 - ice-t - big gun

*=cole porter cover

DL: tank girl ost

v/a - for the masses: a tribute to depeche mode

by a show of hands...who likes depeche mode?

by a show of hands...who likes it when bands cover another band's songs?

by a show of hands...who likes it when bands cover depeche mode songs?

well well...someone likes you

1 - the smashing pumpkins - never let me down again
2 - god lives underwater - fly on the windscreen
3 - failure - enjoy the silence
4 - the cure - world in my eyes
5 - dishwalla - policy of truth
6 - veruca salt - somebody
7 - meat beat manifesto - everything counts
8 - hooverphonic - shake the disease
9 - locust - master and servant
10 - self - shame
11 - monster magnet - black celebration
12 - rabbit in the moon - waiting for the night
13 - apollo forty four - i feel you
14 - gusgus - monument
15 - deftones - to have and to hold
16 - rammstein - stripped

DL: for the masses: a tribute to depeche mode

v/a - alternative nation: 1995

this was a little something the promoters for a festival in australia called ALTERNATIVE NATION put together

they fashioned it after LOLLAPALOOZA (remember when that was worth going to?) and the READING FESTIVAL

1 - faith no more - get out*
2 - pop will eat itself - ich bin ein auslander
3 - peyote - bean curst
4 - supergroove - you freak me
5 - the flaming lips - super humans
6 - the tea party - sun going down
7 - ween - can't put my finger on it
8 - violent femmes - life is an adventure
9 - lou reed - warrior king
10 - nitocris - haemorrhaging souls
11 - def efx - running from shadows
12 - chalk - elephant gun
13 - primus - those damned blue collar tweekers
14 - andy prieboy - how would i know love now
15 - horsehead - oil and water
16 - L7 - freak magnet
17 - downtime - downtime
18 - body count - born dead

*=labeled as "the gentle art of making enemies" on the album...tsk tsk

DL: alternative nation

Friday, January 7, 2011

nine inch nails - fixed

this is a remix album consisting of re-imagined songs from the BROKEN ep

when it comes to the nine inched nails...i wouldn't say that i had any sort of relationship with the "band" (and i use the word in parentheses because it's essentially trent reznor with whatever hired hands he brings in)

my introduction came in the form of the aforementioned BROKEN ep...and at the time i was getting into that whole industrial business (though i'd been a fan of ministry for i mentioning that in order to get some sort of street cred?...perhaps...)...and what got me was the volatile nature of the entire thing...screaming about giving it up and that there could be happiness found in being a slave and it was cool to wear leather and hang out with chains

and then i'd seen my first nine inch nails was for the song "happiness in slavery"...and at first i was all like "oh man! i can't believe the guy from THE BREAKFAST CLUB is doing this! you'd better show dick some respect" (turns out that it was a guy named bob can read about him here)

i'd managed to see nine inch nails back then (touring with david bowie)..and there he was...throwing what was essentially a temper tantrum on stage...and it was awesome

and then THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL was released...and of everyone else...i bought a copy...and it was just as good

and that is where i got off the bus

truth be told...there just wasn't enough anger to keep me interested

it's as if he took off his leather...folded it up nicely...placed it all in a box...and shoved it under his bed...and then started to write in a diary while sitting in a chair by a fireplace while wearing a sweater and sipping hot cocoa

i once again got to see them while out on the WITH TEETH tour back in 2006...and it was a totally different was a mix of aging goths and parents that had brought their kids (though towards the end of the show the old trent came out briefly to show his disdain for getting hit with a shoe)

mr. reznor decided to pack it in and call it a day back in 2009 (at least for the touring part) and started a studio only band called how to destroy angels (which oddly enough...sounds like nine inch nails)

"you know what,man? if i wanted to know all of this crap...i'd have used the google"

that's true

but would google give you a brownie?

"they'd give me a recipe so i could make my own brownie"

well played,google

well played

DL: fixed

Thursday, December 16, 2010

vcr - self-titled

3 keyboards
1 drummer
1 singer
1 bass player

6 hits of electro pajama party jamz

'nuff said

DL: vcr

50 foot wave - golden ocean

you there...the reader

are you down with that angry grrrrl sound?

do you like bands with names such as: throwing muses? (the band's vocalist kristin hersh and bassist bernard georges are in this band)...pixies?...the breeders?...7 year bitch?

and there's a definite nirvana-ish sound to this album (namely the IN UTERO album)

"i totally don't hear that,maaaan"

well need to crush those ears of yours up against the speakers


you'll thank me later

DL: golden ocean

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

red aunts - #1 chicken there...are you one of them angry girls that don't shave their armpits?

do you have bikini kill and lunachicks and bratmobile and babes in toyland posters on your wall? you have something new to listen to while you're putting together your zine

DL: #1 chicken
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